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1. Are all of products made from 100% Mulberry silk?

Yes, we guarantee that all of our products, unless stated otherwise on the product page, are made of 100% pure and natural long fiber Mulberry silk cultivated from the best silk farms in China. No chemicals are added in our production process and the use of any machinery or chemical additives that could potentially compromise the quality of our silk has been strictly forbidden to ensure our customers enjoy the perfectly soft and smooth feel of our products.

All of our silk products are inspected at every step of their production to make sure the process strictly comply with ISO9001, the internationally recognized standard of quality management. If you still have doubts, we can send you free silk swatches which you can perform the Burn Test on (see the picture below).


2. Is my silk duvet/comforter/sheet chemical free?

We at Freedomsilk believe a good night’s sleep means more to your health than anything else in the world, and we strive to provide you with the healthiest and most comfortable sleeping environment with our products. We promise that our silk production process, starting from the breeding of silkworms, to cocoon collection, to thread-unraveling, to weaving the threads into silk fabrics, does not involve any chemical additives; the dye we use to add variety to our color selection is almost entirely made from natural pollen and contains little chemical additives as well; not to mention that our products are all tested for harmful substances after production is completed to ensure absolute safety of our customers.


3. How are Freedomsilk's silk fabric dyed?

In order to provide our customers with a proper selection of colors, every color, with the exception of ivory, have to be dyed onto the silk fabric (ivory is the natural color of silk). However, the dying agents we use are made from natural pollen with very little industrial chemical additives so that our bedding products maintain silk's natural affinity with skin regardless if they are dyed or not.


4. What’s momme count and what are the differences between 19 momme, 22 momme and 25 momme?

Momme is a standard way of measuring the weight of silk fabric and it is calculated by pound. The standard measurement is by using a piece of fabric that is 100 yards long and 45 inches wide. The higher the momme weight the heavier the fabric. It means that the higher the momme count is, the heavier and thicker silk was used during the weaving process. If the piece of silk fabric weighs 19 pounds then the momme weight is 19, and so on. The higher the momme count is, the more expensive the price is.

5.What's the OEKO-Tex label on silk products?

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for textile products from all stages of production (fibres, yarns, fabrics, ready-to-use end products, including accessories) along the textile value chain. The OEKO-TEX® label indicates the additional benefits of tested safety for skin-friendly clothing and other textiles to interested end users. The test label therefore provides an important decision-making tool for purchasing textiles. Freedomsilk all silk bedding fabrics are certified by Oeko-Tex, completely chemical-free, no harmful substance added before and during the process of manufacture. Please feel assured to choose and purchase.


Pillow & Pillowcases

6. How do I close the pillowcase? Zipper or envelope?

Freedomsilk offers both pillowcases with hidden zipper closure and pillowcases with envelope closure. You can see the following picture to see the difference.


7. Can I order silk pillowcases in different colors?

Yes you can. Simply leave us a message with the detailed color combinations you would like in the customer message box before you proceed to checkout, and we will prepare your order exactly the way you like. We will also send you a confirmation letter before proceeding with the order to make sure we understand each other perfectly.

If you are hoping to order pillowcases in a color that is not already available on our website, feel free to ask us. We have a few color choices that we are planning to put in the market soon but have yet to do so, so there is always the chance that it is available.

8. Can silk pillows hold their shape well?

Our silk pillows use silk floss filling in the form of stacked thin sheets of tangled silk threads. The nature of the filling and the unusually strong silk fibers in the silk floss means that: 1. It is unlikely that the filling inside the pillow shell will move around and clump together to give the pillow an uneven shape. 2. It is difficult for the silk threads in the filling to succumb to pressure and deform, allowing the pillow to regain its original shape once pressure is removed.

Of course, silk fibers are not immune to deformation and will eventually the change in the pillow’s shape will become profound enough for you to notice, but this process is very slow and can take 5-10 years.

9. What is the height of silk pillows?

The height of our silk pillows is approximately 9-10cm(3.5”) when measured by themselves and 6-7cm(2.4”) when rested upon. The pillows will gradually become more compressed over time due to constant pressure, but this process is very slow with our silk pillowcases and could take 5-10 years before you start to notice any serious change of shape.


10. How to Fluff Pillows?

Before shipped out, we always draw in the air in the pillows out of the to keep dry and far away from microorganism. When you receive a flat pillow, please don’t worry. Just flutter it gently. Then put it in a cool well-ventilated place.

Note: Avoid exposure to direct sunlight.

Duvet & Sheets

11. Why is your comforter called “silk-FITTED”?

Normally, cocoons of Mulberry silkworm are unraveled to make spindles of single-strand silk threads for later use. In the case of making silk comforters however, this process is replaced with another in which the cocoons are stretched many different times using proper instruments and with hands to eventually form a thin, flat layer of tangled silk threads of the required dimensions. Tens or even hundreds of these layers are then stacked on top of each other until proper weight has been achieved, and the result is the silk floss filling in a silk comforter. The filling is then enclosed with a cotton or silk shell and tacked on the sides to the shell to prevent the filling from clumping up or moving around, and the result is our extremely light-weight and breathable silk comforter.

Since the silk floss filling is fitted to the comforter shell and not stuffed, we call our comforters “silk-fitted”.


12. How does silk comforter keep warm or cool?

Too hot to sleep in summer? Too cold to sleep in winter? I believe, all of us have been in such a delimma. In order to sleep well, the temperature of your room and comforter is very important.

A research says that the most ideal sleeping environment commands 33±1℃ in temperature and 50±5%(RH)in humidity. So the judgement standard for a good comforter is to see if it can maintain a very stable temperature and will do a fine job of balancing humidity. Silk comforter has a good function of absorbing and liberating moisture, so it can make your sleeping environment stay at more constant temperature than most comforters in other fabric.

<Advantage Of Silk Comforter>

1.Absorb the moisture quickly to adjust the temperature

It is said that we may sweat almost 200cc when sleeping. So, the breathability of a comforter is very important for a comfortable sleeping environment. silk fibroin peptide chain consists lots of hydrophile groups, so the hygroscopicity of silk is 1.5 times better than that of cotton fiber. Silk can absorb and emit human body sweat quickly and liberate the moisture more quickly than other fiber. This explains why silk comforter help keep human body temperature at a more constant temperature throughout the night.

2.Save the warm air to adjust the temperature

What is more, silk comforters are designed to allow air to flow more freely and thus regulate your body heat. The result is your body stays cool in summer and warm in winter.

Although silk comforter is a little expensive, it has so many benefits such as regulating temperature and its breathability. So buy yourself a silk comforter to have a restful sleep.

13. Does putting a duvet cover over a comforter make the comforter warmer?

Yes, but not to a degree that you will be able to notice. Duvet covers are not designed to keep heat, although an extra layer of silk will certainly help retain some extra heat inside. The purpose of duvet covers is two-fold: to protect the comforter it keeps inside itself from dust and other possible sources of pollution, as comforters are usually difficult, if not impossible, to wash normally; and to provide an aesthetically pleasing layer over the often plain and non-decorated comforters to match with the rest of the bedroom decor. Our silk duvet cover also provides protection against skin abrasions and helps with thermal regulation, but in the end, you should not rely on duvet covers for warmth.


14. Can I remove/wash the shell on my silk comforter?

Unfortunately, because the silk flossing filling in our silk comforters are tacked to the shell, we would strongly advise against any attempts to remove the shell or wash it by yourself, as it could permanently damage the silk filling and the shell, and it would be impractical to put them back together and expect the comforter to work as well as before.

The best way to keep your silk comforter clean is to always cover it with a good duvet cover. Hang it up in the shade in a place with good air circulation every half a year would be enough to keep the comforter fresh and comfy. In the case that the comforter is dirtied by outside influences such as pets and younger kids and needs cleaning, we recommend you to send the entire comforter to a dry cleaner and have it dry cleaned.

15. How do I close the duvet cover?

You can open/close the duvet cover using the hidden zipper placed under the top edge of the cover. (See picture for the exact position of the hidden zipper.) There are 3 advantages to using hidden zippers on duvet covers:

1. Using a regular zipper placed on the surface/edge of the duvet cover can break or weaken the sense of luxury of the cover.

2. Hidden zippers are covered with a layer of silk which makes it less likely to cause abrasions on your skin.

3. The cover that protects your skin also protects the zipper from breaking, granting longer-lifespan to the zipper and less trouble for you.


16. Do I have to use covers with Chichouz silk duvets/comforters?

Even though our comforters come with a silk shell, there are numerous drawbacks to use them without proper duvet covers, for example, the shell will get dirty easily and yet you will not be able wash the comforter with water since it will destroy the soft and fluffy feel of the silk floss filling inside, not to mention the disruption a bare comforter can bring to your overall bedroom theme.

Getting a good duvet cover will solve these problems easily, as silk duvet covers can be machine-washed with water unlike comforters. A good duvet cover will also complement well with the rest of the room decor. Getting a silk duvet cover to go with the comforter is the best way for one to enjoy the full benefits of the comforter, as duvet covers made from other materials will partly undermine the breathability, the lightweight and hypoallergenic nature of the silk comforter.

17. Do silk duvets/Comforters have a distinctive odour?

Silk, as a natural product, has a unique odor which comes from sericin, the protein "glue" silkworms use to bind together the silk threads into their cocoons. The more refined silk is, the less sericin remains on the silk, but even the most refined silk still has approximately 10%-15% sericin in them. Some people mistake the smell for chemical additives, but you can rest assured that none of our silk products have come into contact with any harmful chemicals during any stage of their production. Sericin, on the other hand, has some great health benefits such as being anti-oxidant and UV-resistant.

In our experience, the odor is usually the strongest when you first unpack the silk from the delivery package since there is nowhere for the smell to dissipate to. Once unpacked however, it usually only takes a short period of time before the smell becomes barely noticeable.