About Us

The company, a collection of industrial and trade companies, was established in 2003, has been engaged in the production of silk products.

Our silk products include silk bedding sheets, silk pajamas, silk garments and silk accessories, which have been exported to many countries overseas, including the United States, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Holland, New Zealand, Denmark, Singapore, Japan and so on. Moreover, many famous brands have chosen us to make silk gifts for their clients, such as Martha Ratti and Estee Lauder. With aims to facilitate more customers who love silk products to contact us and buy the best silk products at a reasonable price, our company planned to set up an online store in 2017, and finally opened in June 2018, named FreedomSilk. Our company is committed to bringing good silk products from the birthplace of silk to the people who love silk products at home and abroad. You can find and choose different styles of silk pajamas and shirts in different colors in our shop. Our stock contains 90 colors of silk fabric, you can contact our customer service staff to ask for the color card before ordering, so that you can choose your favorite color and make the clothes.

We will launch different new products every year, please pay close attention to our store. Thank you for every customer's purchase and support.

FreedomSilk CEO - Evelyn

The Product Lines

FreedomSilk provides an extensive range of products which include: Silk Bedding, Silk Sleepwear, Silk Clothing and additional Silk-related Beauty accessories.

Our Clients

Many famous brands have chosen us to make silk gifts for their clients, such as Martha Ratti, Stuart Weitzman, WENSLI, Lamer, Estee Lauder, etc.

Our Material

Natural Premium Material SILK

From its origins in Neolithic China, silk has long been coveted for its luxurious texture and wealth of health benefits. Made from natural protein and 18 essential amino acids, mulberry silk is breathable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and temperature regulating for the most comfortable night’s sleep.

The prism-like structure of the fibers creates a pearl-like lustre that cares for your hair and skin too. Now widely recognized as anti-aging, silk replenishes and maintains the moisture in your skin, helping to revitalize the skin for a youthful glow.