A cashmere wrap provides soft, luxurious comfort that’s perfect for chilly evenings. Each cashmere and cashmere-blend wrap in our collection is made with care and quality, coming in a range of colors and styles.

Some are similar to cashmere shawls, designed to hang from your shoulders, with other options including cashmere cardigans with a shawl-collar. Select from a wide range of colors, from bright pink and blue hues to classic black and grey styles, with plaid cashmere wraps providing a stylish twist.

Cashmere is a type of wool that is considered softer, finer, lighter, yet stronger than other kinds of wool. That's why it's typically more expensive and considered a luxury fabric. A pure cashmere wrap also looks great as the fabric tends to fall on the body's contours in a flattering way. A pure cashmere wrap is both beautiful and functional.